Sleep Apnea Treatment

It is generally known as obstructive sleep apnea in which breathing of a person takes a pause at regular intervals and interrupt its sleep. In the word sleep apnea, the word ‘’apnea’’ stand for ‘’pause’’ or we can say ‘’breathing pause’’. This pause in breathing is normally of ten seconds, and these ten seconds are enough to disturb sleep.

In sleep apnea the muscle in the back of the throat unable to keep the air pipe open; despite breathing efforts.

Although there is another kind of sleep apnea which is: central apnea, in which the brain unable to control the breathing rate and it cause a pause while sleeping.

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Sleep apnea, normally cause a person, a fragmented sleep. And because of disturbance while sleeping it leads to other diseases like hypertension, depression, heart problems and sometimes mood, and memory issues.

The biggest issue with sleep apnea is that the patient doesn’t know that he/she is suffering from such diseases and instead they are treating the other disease which themselves are because of sleep apnea.

Millions of adults and middle-age people are going through this disease every year. and we cannot trace the exact numbers, because so many of them aren’t even aware of it.

Causes of sleep apnea.

There are so many reasons that can cause sleep apnea. If you’re having a small upper airway (or large tongue, or tonsils) it can cause you to sleep apnea. Being overweight, having recessed chin, or small jaw, large overbite, or large neck size can also cause this disease. Other than that smoking, alcohol or having age over 40 can cause sleep apnea.

While in some of the families it has observed that they have a gene of this disease. This means one can have sleep apnea from their ancestors, it can be a heritable disease.

Symptoms of sleep apnea.

The most common symptom of sleep apnea is chronic snoring. And this should be examined by a health professional. As we know that the patient of sleep apnea is deprived of sleep, so in such cases you will observe the person sleeping a lot during day time, even at work, or while speaking on phone. The other symptoms are depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, and so on. Such patients can face a wide range of difficulty while working, or doing any other stuff.

It can also lead to a disease like heart attack, irritation and memory loss. It disturb the blood rhythm and circadian rhythm of an individual that leads to a complete disturbed body.


Treatment of sleep apnea.

If you think that you’re having sleep apnea first, concern with your doctor and bring all your sleep records, your fatigue level at day time and your medical history.

The most important person who can tell you about that is your bed partner, ask them if they notice any snore, choke, or gasp.

Other than that the most common method to check your sleep apnea is sleep center, where a team of specialists will observe your sleep, your heart rate, your muscle moment, each and everything.

After making sure that you’re suffering from this disease, there are several methods to resolve the issue.